Rabbit Hole Wiki

Update: 17/09/2012 – the wiki has been updated to include all the rabbit holes that came with Supernaturals.

Update: 23/05/2013 – the wiki has been updated to include all the rabbit holes that came with Sunlit Tides.

OK, now I have been giving some though as to how best to approach this and I think I have the answer.

I am going to do a separate post for each of the different types of buildings, so one for book stores, one for schools etc and have them all linked from this page, so that you can hopefully find exactly what you are looking for without too much hassle.

So without further ado:

Abandoned Warehouses



City Halls

Coffee Houses


Equestrian Centers




Miscellaneous Buildings

Military Bases

Office Buildings

Police Departments


Science Labs


SuperNatural Exclusive


More will follow and I hope to keep this updated with the release of any new Sims 3 Worlds (funds permitting!)  I hope that people find this helpful, please feel free to leave any comments or requests for specific buildings/rabbit holes that I may have missed.

Small disclaimer: Many of these buildings do not provide a valid footprint for measuring, so I have estimated based on floor tiles, this may mean that the building may be one or two tiles larger or smaller than stated.  But it will give you a ballpark figure to help you when planning your community lots.

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